December 29, 2019

Learning Your Lore

For GMs who have a complicated, nuanced, and detailed set of lore at the bedrock of their stories, today’s #GMAdvice is for you as it tackles some best practices around ingratiating players into that lore.

When players invest in and treat your lore at face-value, it’s a very fulfilling feeling and most oftentimes makes for a better story. So today’s tips are all geared toward getting you as a GM to that point.

  1. Who are the major players?
  2. What is the source of conflict?
  3. How does their setting intersect with #1 and #2?

You don’t have to write a treatise a la StoryTogether’s The Couriers’ GM Luke. Although it’s amazing if/when you do! You just need to set this basic groundwork so that, when you players do get into the thick of the story, they’re able to put what’s happening into the context of your world. That ease will reinforce their collective desire to become a bigger and bigger participant within!