December 29, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 7 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s #tbtRPG, Isaiah and Jimmy C share a puzzled look as stare out the ship’s main viewer: a predator, warbird of a ship, clad in a pure gray color, seems to stare back at them.

Isaiah turns to Jimmy C and asks: “Who are they?” Jimmy responds: “I don’t know. But I recognize that ship’s design. It was in a series of schematics with the highest possible security clearance at Czerka. I don’t think even they knew who these folks are…”

Isaiah looks puzzled. “Why can’t they see us?” The AI promptly responds: “This ship is equipped with a Galaxy-class cloaking device. We are entirely undetectable.”

Isaiah looks happy to hear that bit of news. “We ought to take a closer look.” he says. The AI swiftly interjects: “I believe I can help with that, Commander.” Jimmy C quizzically asks: “Commander?” The AI retorts: “Isaiah Gray has been listed as the Commander of this vessel in this ship’s registry. As the commanding officer and ship’s owner, he is entitled to give orders of this ship at his discretion. His title in my database is “Commander.” Would you like that changed?”

“No, that’s fine. Something to dig into further when we get back, Jimmy. Now, tell me how we can get on that ship.” replies Isaiah. “Commander, if yourself and Jimmy C could please get into the Away Pod, I will ensure your safety until you’re on board.” answers the AI.

Nearby, a pod built for up to four people is nestled into a torpedo tube. A bit apprehensively, Isaiah and Jimmy C climb onboard and strap themselves in. With an odd, loud popping noise, the Away Pod is ejected from the ship. Similarly cloaked, the AI remotely guides the pod to the mystery ship’s cargo bay door.

Over the intercom, Isaiah and Jimmy hear: “Remotely accessing ship systems. Success. Opening cargo bay door.” Isaiah and Jimmy C look out the window and see themselves flying through the cargo bay door and down into the hold. A moment later the Away Pod simultaneously de-cloaks and blends in with its surroundings – a cargo camouflage.

Still strapped in, Jimmy C turns to Isaiah and asks: “Well, where to next?”