December 29, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 5 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s #tbtRPG, Isaiah turns to his new compatriot and says: “Come Jimmy. There’s work to be done.”

Jimmy C nods and follows Isaiah through the massive Czerka Corporation World Headquarters roof-deck entrance. There, opposite them, is a hangar bay, whose top is the very ceiling of the building.

It begins to retract as Isaiah and Jimmy’s eyes focus on a huge, B42-like spacecraft and over a hundred Czerka mercs, waiting in rank and file. The impressive president of Czerka Corporation, dressed in some of the galaxy’s finest power armor, is addressing her flock.

“We’re going to have some fun, Jimmy.” says Isaiah as he races forward.

The mercs, their elite training obvious, turn around in unison, identify their threat, and begin firing disciplined volleys with their heavy blasters at Isaiah as he sprints headlong in their direction. Using small force shock-waves, Isaiah sends each grouping of blaster bolts careening off in different directions. Some even rebound back from whence they came, injuring some of the mercs.

Arriving at their position, Isaiah pings from group to group, devastating their rank and file with his shock-wave’s laser-like precision. From a distance, Jimmy observes the proceedings, a growing sense of failure at being unable to help building inside him. Moments later, that feeling comes to a head: in his mind Jimmy meditates, gathering all the newfound force energy inside, and tries to send every ounce of it at the leader’s spacecraft.

However, being completely new at using such power, Jimmy accidentally sends absolutely all of it downward, through the main beams of the building, and all the way through and into the ground many, many stories below. A look of horror on his face and a thundering series of cracks later, the massive structure they’re all in begins to buckle and starts to sway.

Isaiah is able to instantly realize what’s taken place and flies like the wind to Jimmy’s side, knocking him out of his shocked trance. “Jimmy! We’re leaving!” yells Isaiah as he grabs Jimmy by the shoulder – the ground they’re on now closer to 45 degrees because of the tilt of the falling building – and run out to the helipad. Their craft is still there thanks to its mag locks keeping it in place.

As the mega-structure is able to collapse, Isaiah and Jimmy board their craft and take off. A half-minute later, with the craft safely in the sky, looking out the window, they see the building hit the ground: a momentous shock-wave reverberates all around. On a planet completely covered with city, the resulting devastation is enormous. Isaiah and Jimmy look to one another: what have they done?