December 29, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 4 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s #tbtRPG, Isaiah is seated in the cargo area of the military spacecraft, staring out the window many thousands of feet above the chaos of Coruscant, the obvious thought hitting him: is this all real?⠀

Isaiah hears the Hundred Faced man in his mind: “Do not waver. Continue to act on what you believe is right.” Stone-faced, Isaiah stands as the craft a lands on the heli-pad atop the Czerka Corporation world headquarters, the third largest building on the whole planet.⠀

As the ship decloaks, alarms immediately begin to blare. Isaiah, laser-focused on retribution, walks down the gangplank as four top-tier Czerka Corporation mercs approach him. Flame dancing in his eyes, Isaiah sends a massive force blast their way, sending three careening off the side of the building. The fourth though, is entirely unaffected. Isaiah is shocked: he’s sure it was a direct hit. ⠀

The man takes a knee, his voice shakes: “I’ve…I’ve been waiting for you, Master.” ⠀

“Stand. And tell me your name mercenary.” replies Isaiah.⠀

The man stands, clutching his heavy blaster. “Jimmy. Jimmy C, master.” ⠀

Isaiah responds: “Two things Jimmy: never call me Master again. The second? Follow me.” Jimmy C nods, excited and ready.⠀

As Isaiah is about to enter the executive suite of Czerka Corporation world headquarters, he senses a tremendous reservoir of force energy within Jimmy C. But, digging deeper, Isaiah is shocked when he realizes that the force within Jimmy feels exactly like his own.⠀

Isaiah turns to the ship. The hundred-faced man sits atop the gangplank. Isaiah’s passion for retribution is instantly reinvigorated. “Come Jimmy. There’s work to be done.”

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