December 29, 2019

Happy New Year! Surprise Episode 7 Releases of Both Shows!

Happy New Year to All!

2018 was an incredible year for StoryTogether. We founded nearly exactly one year ago to the day with the mission to show anyone who would listen that playing stories together can be a wonderful experience for just about anybody. We would create original content, rule sets for different play styles, advice on how to play and tell stories better, and offer guidance to everyone on how to get started.

Sure, some of the rules, methods and styles of play, and story types would need to be tweaked depending on the audience, but the core ethos of StoryTogether is that at its heart, the experience of playing stories together enrich communities, strengthen bonds, and create lasting friendships.

For Season 1 of StoryTogether, we launched two shows: The Couriers and Temple of Kings. The teams behind both shows have worked incredibly hard in 2018 to bring you great original tabletop RPG content. They’re talented, driven, and creative people who believe in StoryTogether’s philosophy that we ought to be playing stories together more often.

As a small token of our appreciation for the support we’ve received throughout our short life in the TTRPG community, I’m releasing Episode 7 of both The Couriers and Temple of Kings today. Please enjoy the fruits of the labor of these amazing teams and let their stories help bring you some happiness as we all transition to the new year.

From everyone involved with StoryTogether, both now and forever, THANK YOU for all your support! We couldn’t do this without you!

The Couriers. Episode 7 Part 1:
The Whole Series:

Temple of Kings, Episode 7 Part 1:
The Whole Series: