December 29, 2019

Good Cop, Bad Cop #TBTRPG

Today’s #TBTRPG story is my favorite “good cop, bad cop” moment from any game I’ve played. We were in 1670 San Juan, under siege from a mysterious navy, just trying to steal a ship.

Well, there was a beauty of a trade vessel sitting there on the docks, just waiting to be plucked. The only issue was half the crew was still on board. And so Prince James and his noble retainer Sir Hawkins decided they would pull one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Amid the bombardment of the city, they scaled each side of the ship and simultaneously dropped onto the main deck, immediately putting the crew on alert. Sir Hawkins, naturally a soft-spoken gentleman, begins RANTING at these poor guys, threatening their very lives in a miraculously transformed broken street tough accent.

As the crew goes from shocked to quite on edge, James soothingly chimes in at the exact right time essentially saying “pay no attention to the Sir, his anger problems hinder his communication skills.”

The crew then warily stares down James who continues: “Listen, literally and figuratively, we’re all in the same boat here. You can either sit tight here, waiting for their army to invade the city or you can come with us on the adventure of a lifetime.”

Right then, James whips out a bag of princely gold and spills it on the deck “so what’ll it be gentlemen?” Needless to say, we got that ship! Epic!