December 29, 2019

“God Does Not Play Dice”

Renowned physicist Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “God does not play dice.” The full quote was actually from a letter written in 1926 to a friend: “Quantum theory yields much, but it hardly brings us close to the Old One’s secrets. I, in any case, am convinced He does not play dice with the universe.”

There’s a wonderful St. Mary’s University article from 2014 which elaborates on Einstein’s meaning here. I will take it one step further: the article states that part of Einstein’s conclusion is that “Chaos and randomness are, therefore, not part of nature.” On the surface, that doesn’t make sense: we see chaos and randomness all the time.

But the real point here, and it’s not much a stretch to believe that Einstein himself concluded, is that “God does not play dice” actually means that the chaos and randomness we perceive are instead “all part of the plan.” Indeed, as the article cites, Einstein felt that cosmic religious feeling (i.e. our universal interconnected-ness) is “the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research.”

To me, playing stories can bring yo u just as strongly to this conclusion as quantum physics. I have personally experienced and certainly witnessed many, many of these moments. Taking time to reflect and meditate on what the dice truly represent in a game – in stark contrast to yesterdays post! – is absolutely worth your time.