December 29, 2019

Game 7!

Today’s #wildcardWednesday post is all about an incredibly simple but amazingly fun dice game we invented called Game 7.

Similar to how in the playoffs in basketball, hockey, and baseball, you need to win 4 games out of 7 games in order to win the series, Game 7 is a dice game for 2-6 players with the same objective.

Each turn, each player rolls 2, six-sided die. Let’s say there are three players and Player 1 rolls a 9, Player 2 rolls a 3, and Player 3 rolls an 11: Player 3 wins Game 1 of Series 1.

Players continue to roll dice until one of the players has won 4 games in which case they win that series. Then, the game resets into a new series and the players continue to play until a player wins 4 series. Winning 4 series wins you a Tournament.

Game 7 is a game where you try and win as many Tournaments as possible. It’s mindless, epic fun. Give it a try – and be careful if it’s a drinking game! – and you’ll thank us later!