December 29, 2019

Four Plinko!

Today’s post is all about #FourPlinko and RPG mini-games. Never heard of #FourPlinko? Well, that’s okay because it’s a mini-game that I made up for one of our RPGs several years ago!

Mini-games are fun little side events GMs can throw into their stories (think Gwent in The Witcher or Blitzball in Final Fantasy) that can often serve as a welcome and hilarious distraction from the hustle and bustle of your stories.

FourPlinko is my absolute favorite of these games. As the name suggests, #FourPlinko is the combination of Plinko and Connect Four. Add in some special sauce with wagering and dice rolling and you’ve got yourself a helluva time. Just think about how it would go…it’s absolutely amazing, I promise. GMs: I cannot recommend highly enough adding it to your stories – when your players ask where the heck you found this awesome game, tell them StoryTogether! Let’s play!