December 29, 2019

DM/GM Round Table Series

We’re using today’s #GMAdvice post to make a surprise launch of our new series: GM Round Table. GM Round Table will be an ongoing series where we sit down with GMs and get a feel for their approach to playing stories, their sources of inspiration, how they invest in players, how they got started and so much more. It’s an incredibly exciting and inspiring project to be a part of.

In Episode 1, I sit down with @chris_storytogether, from StoryTogether’s Temple of Kings, and Lukas, from StoryTogether’s The Couriers and we have a wide-ranging conversation on all the above and everything in between. The dialogue is insightful, vibrant, and conveys a great deal of depth from two men who have a true talent for this line of work.

If you’re an experienced GM and the GM Round Table is something you’re interested in, shoot us a DM!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the series.

Episode 1: