December 29, 2019

Creating Your Character

Last week on #newbieTuesday we talked about what it’s literally like playing a story at the table. Today, we’re going to take that a step further and talk about a prior step: creating your character.

There’s no one correct way to create your character – every role playing game system out there, including StoryTogether, has a different POV. But most oftentimes you’re aiming for the same result: a character you’re excited to play.

Generally speaking though, regardless of the system you’re using, the character creation process is the attempt to translate your character into a persona that’s quantifiable. As most RPG systems rely on attributes, skills, and dice rolling, your character’s statistics are anchor points to the rules of the game. They allow you, your fellow players, and your GM to relate to your character, their abilities, their power, their strengths and weaknesses, in mathematical terms. As you have experiences in the story and level up – get stronger – so to is everyone’s connection to your character reinforced.

In this #newbieTuesday space over the past month+, we’ve talked a lot about attributes, skills, and abilities. While during character creation you do spend time on those aspects of your character to make them playable within the story, just know that the character creation process is also so much more: your backstory, your motivation(s), your look & feel. You can be as vanilla or as wildly creative as you want and that’s half the fun.

Don’t put pressure on yourself, learn the rules, and just have a blast. Such a fun part of the process

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