December 29, 2019

Are There Any Animals I Can Speak With!?

Our first submission comes courtesy of Ian from StoryTogether: “About 10 years ago, we were playing a story set in the Lord of the Rings universe. One of our friends was both new to playing stories as well as new to being, um, intoxicated. In any event, he was an Elf who had the power to talk to animals and would, at the slightest provocation, request to speak with any who were (or weren’t) around.

On a journey to find one of the lost Rings of Power, the group ascended this completely barren, high hill and the only thing there was this golem carved out of stone. Literally, nothing for miles around. Upon further inspection, the stone had some Elvish script on it and the non-Elves to the group, who were very much paying attention, we’re looking to our friend to decipher the text.

The only issue was our friend was shouting into the clouds for all – well, none – to hear: “ARE THERE ANY ANIMALS I CAN SPEAK WITH!?” Those images – both of his character shouting into nothingness while his group stare at him like “you fool” and us in real life just looking at this guy with the same feeling – still brings a smile to my face to this day.”