Isaiah the Gray, Part 21

Previously: The Vow Issac doesn’t answer, instead contemplatively staring off into space. “Some life,” says Corban as he realizes the depth and seriousness of Issac’s situation. “Maybe “alive” was putting it too strongly, Issac.” “There are some who value the Force above ideology, Corban,” retorts Issac. “That love can’t be taught with your textbooks…

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Weaving TTRPG Character Arcs Together

When players are coming up with their characters’ backstories, oftentimes they’re not doing so together. Character creation after all traditionally is a highly individual process; although, there’s certainly collaboration here and there. So as the GM when the players submit their characters’ various backstories, it becomes clear pretty quickly that sometimes their various elements can…

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Isaiah the Gray, Part 17

Part 16 (rest at the bottom): Proceeding with Caution Corban sits for a moment, sensing the Force from within the cockpit of his inert ship. “There is an immense source of Force potential over there. Proceed with caution.” Zero-You makes an R2-D2-esque “aw, crap” series of beeps. “It’s always something, Wolf.” Corban flashes a…

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