knights of the old republic

Isaiah the Gray, Part 31

Previously: Introductions & Welcomes The Defiant’s crew – Isaiah, Jimmy, Isaac, Corban, and Zero-You – gathers in the central operations room of the ship. Zaren, cold and despondent, files in last. An uncomfortable silence fills the space. “Everyone,” begins Isaiah, “please introduce yourselves. Zaren here has been through a great deal. And whether he…

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Isaiah the Gray, Part 27

Previously: Set A Course Corban, Isaac, Jimmy, and Zero-You go about their business, knowing that the conversation is over for now. “AI, set a course for the chip’s location,” says Isaiah. “With all due haste.” “Right away, Commander,” replies AI over the intercom. The sleek and elegant Defiant zooms around nearly 180 degrees in…

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Isaiah the Gray, Part 20

Previously: The Gray Enter Corban flashes a gentle smile. “There is nothing to turn to – the Light side is always there. If it puts you at ease, I will stay silent on the subject moving forward.” Jimmy shakes his head. “Typical Jedi.” AI’s voice comes over the intercom. “Commander, Captain Issac requests permission…

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