The Gateway To Tabletop Stories!

There are few things more human than stories. They are a canvas for our complex collective experiences, for understanding one another, and for exploring our spirituality. In the age of writing, stories have traditionally been read or watched, whether it be novels, plays, or film.

Even now in the modern age, with video games, blockbuster movies, and virtual reality, stories still mainly come from authors to us, the reader/viewer.

StoryNite helps us go back to our roots. Taking inspiration from our ancestors telling stories by the fire and our more modern gamified stories, StoryTogether has gone all-in on playing stories together.

Instead of experiencing stories by ourselves, we live their twists, turns, and big reveals together. But the main difference is that we are the characters in the story…we are an intimate part of how the story grows and evolves. Like in any great story, we make choices, those choices have consequences, and the results of our actions bloom before our eyes.

StoryNite is a framework for anyone, anywhere, regardless of experience level, to play just about any type of story. From epic high fantasy adventures to heartbreaking romantic journeys to small town horror tales or even Through the Looking Glass Sci-Fi like One Giant Leap…StoryNite rolls out the red carpet for just about anyone to experience the beauty, positivity, bonding, the laughter, the tears, the jaw-dropping moments of playing amazing, rich, and inspiring stories together.

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