Our Mission

StoryTogether is a wellspring for communal storytelling. We’re dedicated to the idea that playing stories together brings us all closer.

Great, powerful, moving, and/or hilarious stories don’t have to come from a team of writers; they can come from you and your friends just sitting around a table having fun.

StoryTogether is a community of people who believe with all their heart that experiencing these stories born out of tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) are wonderfully positive activities for just about anyone.

We produce original content to show real, regular people having great times playing amazing stories together (if you don’t mind us saying!).

Our informational content is aimed at empowering folks of all experience levels, from total newbie to 30+ year veteran, to play stories together even better (or at all!) than before.

We have an inclusive and supportive community which understands where folks not yet having any RPG experience or even necessarily any real idea of what a RPG is really like, are coming from while guiding them to their first session.

So please, with tagging so we can give you credit, send your art, anecdotes, memes, and love and experience with RPGs and show the wider world the power of playing stories together! 

What is a Role-Playing Game?

How Do You Play?

Ian from StoryTogether helps demystify the tabletop role playing game experience as well as provide insight and examples into how to play, how to improve, and even how playing can change your life. 

And even more using examples from StoryTogether’s own communal RPG system!