Check out StoryTogether’s two original shows: The Couriers and Temple of Kings! Two talented groups of people tell fantastic, important stories at the table together and have a great time doing it.

In The Couriers, a band of nobodies is thrust into the limelight when they’re given a Faustian choice: stay anonymous or deliver a sealed package for a mysterious group. Taking the group across Shigrus, the Couriers confront Fate itself in their harrowing journey.

In Temple of Kings, a generation of world protectors is born every 18 years. This cycle is given an important directive from their isolationist tribe mother: stop the piece of the Temple of Kings from being found at all costs! Or the world may fall into a second darkness…

Real stories from real players, art, anecdotes, the laughs, the tears, the roars: the essence of the vibrant, thriving, and original stories that make RPGs so unique and special. It’s all here in the StoryTogether Community!

​Also peruse our informational series of blog posts and videos on everything to do with tabletop role playing game experience. You’ll find everything from learning how to play to improving your skills to original stories that came directly from great TTRPG sessions!

Worldbuilders, Game Masters, new & experienced players will all find useful information, advice, guidance, and coaching for playing and running tabletop role playing game stories.